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Melissa Seymour

Executive Director, Central Region, Customer & State Affairs

Melissa Seymour is Executive Director of Customer and State Affairs in the Central Region for the MidContinent Independent System Operator (MISO), an independent, non‐profit organization responsible for maintaining reliable transmission of power in 15 states and the Canadian province of Manitoba. In this role, Ms. Seymour works with her team of customer and regulatory advisors to understand the needs and issues of stakeholders and regulators, and assure that their policy, strategic, technical and administrative issues are addressed, resolved and communicated both internally and externally.

Ms. Seymour has 20 years experience in the energy industry. Prior to joining MISO, Ms. Seymour was the Director of Regional Markets and Regulation at Iberdrola Renewables, LLC, where she was responsible for advancing policy changes to better accommodate renewable energy into the power system and create business opportunities for the company. Before Iberdrola Renewables, she held various strategic planning, business development, and regulatory positions at the Bonneville Power Administration, PacifiCorp, Southstar Energy Services and Southern Company Energy Marketing. Ms. Seymour holds a B.S. in Engineering Science and Mechanics from the University of Tennessee.

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