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Join us on September 17th, 2014 for a full day of discussion and debate as we explore:

Emerging Challenges in the Sustainability of Public Utilities.

In addition to the three panels below, the Symposium will feature a debate that asks “Is the federal regulatory process for public utilities efficient and effective for satisfying consumer and producer needs in the 21st century?

NARUC President, Colette Honorable will represent the state perspective and former FERC Commissioner and Chairman, Curt Hébert will represent the federal side. Robert W. Gee, President of Gee Strategies Group will moderate. 

The FRI Symposium Panels will examine current and emerging issues in public utility sustainability. 

Panel I
The first panel will explore the challenges facing the electric, gas, and water industries as changes in technology, legislation/regulation, consumer preferences, and market forces impact the long term sustainability of utility operations.

Panel II
Panel II will critically explore various possible responses for increasing environmental responsibility in utility operations while simultaneously improving the efficiency of production, distribution, and customer service activities.

Panel III
Panel III will discuss how dynamic market forces are shaping the cost structures that will allow for the sustained production and distribution of utility services while considering issues associated with consumer affordability and access.

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