Donald Rowlett

Photo of Donald Rowlett
Managing Director of Regulatory Affairs

Oklahoma Gas & Electric Company

Advisory Board Member

Donald Rowlett is Managing Director of Regulatory Affairs for Oklahoma Gas and Electric Company (“OG&E”). Don earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business with an accounting emphasis (1980) and a Masters in Business Administration (1992), from Oklahoma City University. He has completed coursework and is currently working on his dissertation in pursuit of a PhD in Business Administration from Oklahoma State University. In 1983 he became a Certified Public Accountant. Prior to joining OG&E in 1989, he was employed by Arthur Andersen & Co. as a financial consultant and audit manager. During his employment, he performed audits of financial statements in a variety of industries. Additionally, he participated in the preparation of filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) and provided clients with guidance on the financial reporting requirements of the SEC and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (“GAAP”). Donald joined OG&E in 1989 and worked in a number of positions including Vice President and Controller and his present position.

At OG&E his is responsible for the analysis, development and communication of regulatory policy for the Company. This includes establishing policies to be followed by the Company in the Oklahoma, Arkansas and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (“FERC”) jurisdictions and monitoring compliance with those policies throughout the Company. He has provided expert testimony on behalf of the Company before the Oklahoma Corporation Commission the Arkansas Public Service Commission the FERC and the Environmental and Public Works Committee in the United States Senate.