FRI Sponsors

The support of the FRI’s sponsoring organizations makes possible our annual programs and provides the foundation for growing the FRI’s research and educational activities. Sponsoring organizations provide both financial support as well as the time and expertise of the FRI members representing our sponsors. Board-level sponsors have representation along with our State Commissioner members on the FRI Advisory Board, which assists in setting strategic directions for FRI and its programming.

We gratefully acknowledge the continuing support of the following organizations:

(* denotes Board-level sponsors)

Become an FRI Sponsor

Sponsorship gifts to the FRI may be made as charitable donations through the University of Missouri. Various sponsorship opportunities allow for sponsoring organizations and their members to receive recognition and to participate in FRI member activities. For more information about becoming an FRI sponsor, please contact Sarah Kent at

Supporting FRI

Individuals and organizations wanting to support FRI’s mission but unable to make a sponsoring donation can still make a charitable gift donation. If you would like to support FRI, contact Sarah Kent at or you can donate directly online.