Hot Topic Hotline

FRI’s Hot Topic Hotline webinar series addresses a variety of timely topics identified by members of the FRI Advisory Board. HTH webinars provide a forum for industry, regulatory and consumer perspectives and interaction around the issues addressed.

“Decarbonizing the Natural Gas System”

Thursday, July 14, Noon-1:00 pm Central

Reduction of carbon emissions is a focal point of federal and state energy and environmental policies. Natural gas has been responsible for significant reductions in emissions from electricity generation as utilities substituted away from coal- to gas-fired plants. However, the natural gas system as a whole still accounts for a meaningful percentage of carbon emissions in the US. Policies aimed at achieving zero net-carbon emissions, or even more stringent clean emission targets, pose a challenge for the natural gas industry and industry regulators.

This webinar discusses technologies and processes to achieve net-zero and clean natural gas products (including carbon capture and RNG), market and policy challenges for implementing these technologies, and regulatory options for facilitating and encouraging a transition to clean(er) natural gas options.


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