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FRI’s Hot Topic Hotline webinar series addresses a variety of timely topics identified by members of the FRI Advisory Board. HTH webinars provide a forum for industry, regulatory and consumer perspectives and interaction around the issues addressed.

“Decarbonizing the Natural Gas System”

Thursday, July 14, Noon-1:00 pm Central

Reduction of carbon emissions is a focal point of federal and state energy and environmental policies. Natural gas has been responsible for significant reductions in emissions from electricity generation as utilities substituted away from coal- to gas-fired plants. However, the natural gas system as a whole still accounts for a meaningful percentage of carbon emissions in the US. Policies aimed at achieving zero net-carbon emissions, or even more stringent clean emission targets, pose a challenge for the natural gas industry and industry regulators.

This webinar will discuss technologies and processes to achieve net-zero and clean natural gas products (including carbon capture and RNG), market and policy challenges for implementing these technologies, and regulatory options for facilitating and encouraging a transition to clean(er) natural gas options.

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Hot Topic Hotline: Decarbonizing the Natural Gas System

Paul Kjellander

President, KJEL LLC; Commissioner Emeritus, Idaho PUC

Chris Garbacz

Director, Economics and Planning, Mississippi Public Utilities Staff

Daniel Lapato

Managing Director of State Affairs, American Gas Association

Mark LeBel

Senior Associate, Regulatory Assistance Project

Chris Peterson

Senior Associate, HuschBlackwell



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