FRI Programs

FRI provides several platforms for bringing regulators, industry, consumer advocates, and academic scholars together to discuss various issues facing regulated public utilities and the industries in which they operate.

The Public Utility Symposium, held annually in the Fall on the University of Missouri campus in Columbia, is FRI’s hallmark program. Each year’s theme is determined by FRI’s Advisory Board, and members of the Advisory Board guide the program design and recruit speakers and panel participants. The Symposium addresses issues that are relevant across the range of public utilities. The 2021 Symposium will be held in person on the MU campus on Wednesday, Sept 22.

The Advanced Pricing Seminar, held annually in the Spring, focuses on emerging trends and issues related to electric utility pricing. Speakers include academics and industry consultants as well as public utility, regulatory, and consumer advocate representatives. The 2021 Advanced Seminar will be a 12-hour, virtual seminar spread out over four days.

The Hot Topic Hotline offers a series of one-hour webinars throughout the year. Topics cover a variety of industry and regulatory issues identified by members of the FRI Advisory Board. The number and timing of HTH webinars each year vary depending on Advisory Board interests and schedules. Learn about upcoming Hot Topic Hotlines and find links to previous webinars (as they become available) on the HTH page.