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The Financial Research Institute (FRI) was established in 1988 at the University of Missouri to promote education, research and service across various areas of finance. Today, through its public utility division, the FRI provides a neutral environment for stakeholders in regulated public utility industries to come together to examine, understand, and debate current issues relating to public utility policy.

The FRI Public Utility Symposium, held in the fall, examines issues that impact consumers, industry, and regulators. Held on the University of Missouri campus in Columbia, MO, this one-day symposium brings together regulators and commission staff, legislators, utility managers, policy analysts, attorneys, consumer advocates and academics. The FRI Advanced Pricing Seminar, held in late spring, brings together a range of industry experts to discuss issues around industry innovation, dynamics, and pricing in the electric industry. We also host a series of Hot Topic Hotline webinars throughout the year.

The FRI is housed within and under the academic leadership of the University’s Division of Applied Social Sciences. Working in cooperation with MU Extension, the FRI shares in the University’s mission of engagement and economic development. Learn more about FRI, our staff, and programs from the About FRI page.

Hot Topic Hotline Dec 13: Harmonizing Electricity and Natural Gas

Join us on Wednesday, December 13, 12:00 – 1:00 PM Central Time, for our next Hot Topic Hotline.


The need to harmonize natural gas and electricity systems in the U.S. is a pressing issue, especially in the wake of winter storms Uri and Elliot. The importance of harmonizing and better coordinating infrastructure development and operations, particularly during extreme events, continues to grow as natural gas-fired generation becomes the dominant form of dispatchable electricity in a generation mix that increasingly relies on renewables. A gas system designed with local distribution companies (LDCs) as its primary customers now must serve two masters, which can create conflicting needs and interests in periods of critical supply constraints. What needs to be done to harmonize these competing interests to ensure reliable and resilient performance in both sectors? This webinar brings together a panel of experts to share their experience and perspectives in dealing with the harmonization challenge.


Moderator: Joseph Accardo, PSEG


  • Commissioner Pat O’Connell, New Mexico Public Regulation Commission
  • Kristin Munsch, ComEd/Exelon
  • Matthew Agen, AGA
  • Darryl Lawrence, Pennsylvania Office of Consumer Advocate


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